Homemade Mixed Berry Fruit Rollups

Posting from the archives… This was first posted on June 3rd last year (2014)

salixisme - AIP Living

These are the perfect treat to give your kids, and actually, I like them myself when I fancy a sweet treat. So much better for you than candy!

They are so easy to make, and much cheaper than buying the over-priced fruit leather at the grocery store that often contain additional sugar, colourings and other additives.

Because you are making them yourself, you can control exactly what goes into them.

This recipe is easiest made in a dehydrator, but you could use the oven set at it’s lowest temperature.

Homemade Mixed Berry Fruit Rollups


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 cups mixed berries (I used an organic frozen brand that contains strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries).  Fresh berries would work too.

Puree the berries and banana in a food processor.  You don’t need to thaw the berries first – I just pureed them frozen.

Spread the puree out on a sheet of parchment paper…

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Sensitive Children and the Adult Child in the Abusive Narcissistic Home

I was so this child! It is frightening how your childhood can affect your thoughts, actions and relationships in your later life!

This is something I have learned in a treatment program I have just completed – Life-traps…. one of the biggest problems there is. The theory is that this is learned behaviour that helps you survive childhood trauma or threats… and then you keep repeating that behaviour over and over and over again even into adulthood because that is all you know. And it does not necessarily work well once you are an adult.
I am slowly working my way through this with lots and lots of therapy… and I am getting there. I am getting to be healthy and I hope eventually that I will be able to have a healthy relationship.

Hug your children close, they are precious and should always be loved…



In a home affected with an abusive narcissistic parent emotions are repressed and become twisted.  Rules are built on shame, guilt, or fear.  Feelings are often not shared and when they are expressed, it is done in a judgmental manner placing blame on one another.  The narcissistic parent is self-involved and feels no empathy for their children.  They are incapable of mirroring real love and try to get their children to fulfill their unmet dependency needs.  The narcissistic parent’s unresolved drives for attention and caretaking takes center stage as the child’s early developmental needs are ignored and denied.  The self-involved parent shames the child for having desires and makes them feel guilty.  All of the family attention and energy is focused on the demands of the narcissist.

Sensitive children growing up in abusive narcissistic homes build their personalities based on what they have to do to survive.  Many of these children…

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Depression as a Food Reaction

An interesting post by Petra8paleo about mental health and how it can be affected by diet. It specifically deals with reintroductions to the AIP diet and how they can affect depression.


Matthew & Petra

Recently I tried reintroducing Macadamia Nuts into my Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) and I learned something about my mental health.

Organic raw dehydrated Macadamias were a go: I noticed no untoward effects.

But the supermarket non-organic kind in a tin were not. My stomach felt mildly inflamed, my energy plummeted and most interestingly, I felt quite depressed for several hours.

I could easily have ignored the stomach thing, but the depression was untenable.

I’d been upbeat & happy, then suddenly, about an hour after cracking the mac nut tin, all the joy and potential bled out of the world. I was no longer able to do my day. All I could do was steep in gloom, deep under the covers, with the woe of the world crashing down on me.

The first time it happened, the experience was so real and consuming it took awhile before I realized I was having…

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Paleo Caesar Salad (with an AIP variation)

This is a paleo version (With AIP modifications of the classic Ceasar salad).

If you cannot  eat eggs or egg-yolks, use a mashed avocado to substitute for most of the mayo ingredients


  • ½ cup paleo mayonnaise (or a mashed avocado)
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 cloves garlic – crushed
  • 1 tsp anchovy paste
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • 2 romaine hearts – torn
  • 6 slices bacon (preferably from pastured pigs with no questionable ingredients)Thi

This was the salad that I made to serve with Hubby’s Birthday dinner..  a paleo, AIP (as long as you can tolerate eggs) Caesar salad.

If you cannot eat eggs, you could substitute avocado for the mayo although it might change the flavour.  It should still give you the same mouth-feel however.

To make the Caesar salad you first need to make your mayo unless you have some in the fridge.  If you are AIP, consider substituting some mashed/pureed avocado or guacamole.  It won’t look the same but will give you the same kind of mouth-feel.


Mix the mayo (or avocado) with all the other Casear dressing ingredients (everything except the lettuce and bacon) and stir until well mixed.  Set this aside in the fridge while you cook your bacon.  You want it as crispy as you can get it  without burning it as it is replacing the crunch of the croutons that are traditional in a Caesar salad.  I like to cook mine in the oven on a wire cooling rack set over a rimmed baking sheet.  Cool the bacon and crumble/chop it into small pieces.


Tear the lettuce into bite-sized pieces and place in a large bowl.  Add the dressing and toss well.  Plate the salad and scatter with the bacon pieces

Packed Lunch (10/15/13)

This is what I packed for Hubby and the 4 girls for lunch today:


Clockwise from the top left-hand corner we have:

They all took a clementine (packed separately) and a bottle of water to drink.

Lunch – 09/20/13

This post should really have been posted yesterday, but for one reason and another it just didn’t happen (OK, I will admit it,  I was too lazy to take the photograph off the camera!)

Lunches on Fridays tend to be a little different to the rest of the week…  for starters, normally the kids don’t need to take a packed lunch into school as they all have a half-day on Fridays.  So normally I am just making a lunch for Hubby and me, plus something for the kids to snack on once they get home.

Today was different in that I was only doing one hour of massage at work (10am – 11am), so I was home by mid-day…  this was because I cut my wrist really badly on a broken glass in the dishwasher, had stitches and was unable to work because of that (did I mention that ? I forget!)…  today was my first day back at work.

So really I was only doing a packed lunch for Hubby.

Anyhow, this is what I came up with for him…


Clockwise from the top left, he has:

  • trail-mix made from home-dried fruits and some nuts (dried apple, pear, peaches, blueberries and kiwi with some pecans)
  • a baby cuke cut lengthwise into 4
  • salad (red-leaf lettuce, radish, celery and baby toms) with 2 jalapeno frittattas on top (recipe to come later!)
  • 2 energy balls plus some black olives in a silicone muffin cup

He also took a 1/4 cup of walnuts separately for snacking and a bottle of water.